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Viral Dashboard Evolution - FE Commercial Details

Samurais Tea - UNLIMITED* Social Accounts
- RSS Feed Connect
- Blogs Connect
- Content Creator (Advanced)
- Content Discovery – 2000+ Sources
- UNLIMITED Topic Subscriptions
- UNLIMITED Feed Follows
- UNLIMITED Feed Subscriptions
- Connect to Social Media
- eCom Platforms Integration
- Video Platforms Integration
- Publish from Different Sources
- Publish from Connected Blogs
- A.I. Content Intelligent Technology
- Read feeds from Own Connected Sources
- Image Library
- Video Uploader
- Stock Images & Videos
- Content Calendar
- Quotes Creator
- GIF Creator
- Memes Creator
- Built-in Graphics Editor
- Hashtags Adder
- Emojis Adder
- Shortening URL’s - Bitly integration
- Built-in Feed Reader (NO Ads)
- Embed Social Feeds on your Site
- Social Media Guidebook
- Engagement Monitoring
- Spy Tools Dashboard
- FB Interests Explorer
- Youtube Video Finder
- Trend Hunter Spy
- Alexa Site Spy
- Posts Manager
- Brands Manager
- Source Manager
- Publish Everywhere
- Scheduling on the Go
- All Special Bonuses
HEALTH - Matcha is a true antioxidant powerhouse. It eliminates toxins from your blood and lowers cholesterol levels. Mega-dose of cancer-fighting EGCg in every cup. BODY - Boosts metabolism and helps to lose weight. One recent study even suggested that matcha may help burn calories by four times. SKIN - Due to its detoxifying properties, matcha is very effective in reducing acne. It helps to decrease inflammation and kills the Acne bacteria. ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE - Matcha is the highest source of antioxidants per gram (ORAC=1573) with the next highest source being goji berries (ORAC=253). One serving of matcha has the equivalent amount of antioxidants contained in 10 cups of normal brewed green tea Matcha is bursting with catechins, particularly EGCG, which is the most potent & beneficial antioxidant- known to prevent cancer & heart disease and is effective in reducing inflammation & slowing cartilage breakdown. MORE THAN A DRINK - With such a vast array of physical & mental benefits, matcha is so much more than a drink. Matcha is a way of living. It nurtures the body & calms the mind- a retreat from the hectic, grounding us during our over-stimulated modern lives. Energizing yet relaxing, nourishing & protecting matcha is the drink that keeps on giving. STIMULATES METABOLISM & BURNS FAT - The catechin EGCG in matcha has been found to raise the body’s thermogenesis (the body’s rate of burning calories) from 8-10% of daily expenditure to between 35-43% of daily expenditure. At the same time, it oxidates fat & limits intestinal absorption of fat, all while not raising blood pressure or heart rate. INCREASES FOCUS & CALMS MIND - The shade growing of matcha elevates the L-theanine content, an amino acid that induces alpha frequency brain waves, resulting in mental calmness, improved concentration & memory, and relaxed alertness. ENERGY BOOSTING - It naturally contains only 1/2 the caffeine of coffee. The unique properties of matcha result in calm energy that lasts for 5.5 hours on average, with no jitters, crash, or nervous energy. ALKALIZING & DETOXIFYING - With its incredibly high levels of chlorophyll, matcha provides oxygen to the tissues, detoxifying & creating a healthy alkaline pH in the body. PROTECTS SKIN - EGCG is proven to fight skin aging, reduce inflammation caused by UV radiation & suppress acne.

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  • Imported : Mar 26, 2021

    Updated : Dec 10, 2023