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Binsta App Details

Binsta App - Automatically post your content offers and affiliate links to Instagram to attract your target audience. - Automatically schedule and update your biolinks with your affiliate links, offers or even store. Schedule multiple links to automatically update so you continuously drive traffic to your most recent offers. - Turn the Instagram algorithm to your personal traffic pilot by automatically positioning your links inf from of your most profitable buyers. - Binsta automatically finds relevant viral posts and repost them to engage your audience for maximum traffic and sales. - With Binsta, you can automatically schedule instant messages to your new IG followers, add your links to these messages to increase your traffic and sales. Achieve 100% Delivery and Open rate, far better than email autoresponder. - Send broadcast IG Direct Messages to everyone who has engaged with you on Instagram. This can drive you thousands of visitors instantly to your offers with 100% delivery and open rate. - Binsta automatically post your link and content to viral posts on Instagram to get your fresh new highly targeted leads.

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  • Imported : Mar 18, 2021

    Updated : May 29, 2023